Lodge #86 Nacha Nimat 2006 NOAC Delegate Set S28 X14

Another NOAC set from Lodge #86 reported by George Jennings. This one is reportedly a delegate issue for members of the contingent. By my count, this makes 8 2-piece sets issued by Lodge #86 for this years NOAC. Sixteen patches beating Ktemaque’s 14 and Buckskin Lodges 9 patches handily.

Lodge #86 2006 NOAC S28 X14 Delegate

Blue Book Stats:
S 28 GMY R BLU RED YEL FDL RED WWW, NOAC 2006 10th Anniversary w/X14 – Delegate Trader
X 14 GMY R BLU – YEL FDL RED Delegate, WWW, NOAC 2006, Michigan State University BLK Bear Paw w/S28 – Delegate

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