ClothTalk #4

Tim Hall and Ben Killen bring on their 4th podcast on collecting. Always interesting and worth a listen. Here’s a link and their intro…

ClothTalk 004 – On the road

by Ben Killen on May 9th, 2006

Camp Rainey Mountain

ClothTalk takes to the road and visits the OA Section SR-6S conclave hosted by Mowogo Lodge at Camp Rainey Mountain in Northeast Georgia. Listen as we explore the unique stories and collections of youth and adults trading patches at the event.

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– John Pannell writes to update us on the first lodge flap ever made
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– Special thanks to our man in the field: Matt Sheets


Adirondack Lodge #357 Medallion PArt II

I had previously shared a discovery from Ray Gould. Ray has followed up with some additional research.

UPDATE…….I just spoke with the original owner (XXXXXXXXXXXX).  His memory was very clear about this:  this is the official low-down…
-the medallions were taken to the 1967 NOAC with the purpose of giving them as friendship tokens (he also mentioned that the #357 L-01 was used for the same purpose….you know, the sticker on the piece of vinyl that reads “52 Anniversary, BSA”)
-he mentioned that the Lodge Advisor (Gilbert “Gib” Kohr) at that time worked at Black Clawson (part of the paper industry which was so prevalent in the past her in northern NY) and had the paper decals made at work…..and cut the pieces of wood
-John remembers meeting at the advisor’s home and working at affixing the decals to the wood, shellacing them, and placing the screw-eye with leather loop on them…along with other lodge members
-they were official from the lodge, but not restricted to lodge members only (much like a trading flap would have been…I guess)
that’s the scoop!