Bob McCanless has a long post about the demise of the neckerchief on his blog  The Patch Blanket  “the 25th anniversary, of the death of the Scouting neckerchief. This is truly a sad observance, & one that definitely DESERVES some spillage of ink.”  His comments can be  found

In 2000, Shu Shu Gah Lodge issued a neckerchief for its 75th Anniversary.  While it sold out at or shortly after the banquet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one worn.

Do any of the NY Lodges have a current neckerchief that is actually worn by its members  on a regular basis?  I know Shinnecock Lodge has issued one or more neckerchiefs over the last 2-3 years; are they being worn on OA events?

Our section (NE2-C) typically does not issue a neckerchief for the Conclave and while they have issued a Section Pocket Patch and Jacket Patch, there is no Section Neckerchief.

There ared typically NOAC neckerchiefs, but these simply seem a way to wring a few more $ from the collectors, are any being worn?


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