Shinnecock Lodge #360 Nissequogue Chapter J1

Another unlisted Shinnecock Lodge chapter item from the collection of Juan Gonzalez. This one a J1 from Nissequgue Chapter.

Lodge #360 Nissequogue Chapter J1

Blue Book Stats:
Nissequogue J1 TUR R WHT RED – RED Shinnecock Lodge 360 MGM Indian design



Bob McCanless has a long post about the demise of the neckerchief on his blog  The Patch Blanket  “the 25th anniversary, of the death of the Scouting neckerchief. This is truly a sad observance, & one that definitely DESERVES some spillage of ink.”  His comments can be  found

In 2000, Shu Shu Gah Lodge issued a neckerchief for its 75th Anniversary.  While it sold out at or shortly after the banquet, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one worn.

Do any of the NY Lodges have a current neckerchief that is actually worn by its members  on a regular basis?  I know Shinnecock Lodge has issued one or more neckerchiefs over the last 2-3 years; are they being worn on OA events?

Our section (NE2-C) typically does not issue a neckerchief for the Conclave and while they have issued a Section Pocket Patch and Jacket Patch, there is no Section Neckerchief.

There ared typically NOAC neckerchiefs, but these simply seem a way to wring a few more $ from the collectors, are any being worn?


Update to “How would you value a well used First Flap”

I have added a number of comments I received directly to an earlier post regarding valuable older First Flaps and what effect condition would have on the price or value.

You can see the original post and comments here.


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