Newly discovered Shinnecock Lodge #360 Pwamas Chapter eR1972 issue

Juan Gonzalez has unciverd a number of event issues from Pwamas Chapter of Shinnecock Lodge. I will be lsiting these on the blog over the next couple of weeks as well as information on other new issues from NYS.

The first is the eR1972 “Fifth Annual Icicle”

Pwamas Chapter eR1972

Blue Book Stats:
eR1972 RED R WHT RED – RED Fifth Annual Icicle Feb 19-21, 1972 Ten Mile River, OA TR


Scouting Podcast – ClothTalk 003 – NOAC

I commented on Cloth Talk last month, a project by Tim Hall and Ben Killen, there is a third podcast available for download or to listen to on your computer.  This one talks about the history of NOAC collectibles amongst other topics. 

One note for NY collectors, they mention a delegate issue from Ranachqua Lodge #4 from the 1948 NOAC.  Both the Blue Book and Dr. Ron Aldridge’s (sp?) OA Insignia at National Events attribute the patch to Lodge 189.  Blue Book designates it as the 189R1.

I look forward to the next episode. Have a listen. 

ClothTalk 003 – NOAC

by Chris Brightwell on April 23rd, 20061926 OA Comb case

Tim Hall and Ben Killen host episode 3 to discuss NOAC, the National Order of the Arrow Conference.

Dr. James Flatt joins us with some outstanding NOAC items, including the very first national collectable item, a nail file and comb case from the 1926 National Meeting.

For the new collectors, we discuss the types of edges on patches.

We have a voice recording of Goodman and Edson discussing the first lodge flap.

Other items:
– 1948 National Bulletin from Indiana Unversity considered the first of the modern NOACs.
– 1948 Lodge 4 delegate patch
– 1969 Host Lodge NOAC neckerchief
– NOAC Brotherhood Band and Chorus
– Ken Castille, from Louisiana, sent in an image of a patch from Camp Chenier–a segregated camp from his area.