Articles from May 2006

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 2006 Spring Fellowship eX2006

Rob Cunningham brings word of a new event patch from Lodge #95 Ty-Ohni issued for their Spring Fellowship.

Lodge #95 eX2006

Blue Book Stats:

eX2006 PUR R TAN BLK BLK FDL; BLK Two Row Wampum, WWW, 2006 Spring Fellowship.


Mide Lodge #15 Oddity

Received another email with a question about another used flap which looks different. Mide and its successor Lodge Ktemaque is located just north of NYC, so Mide flaps are relatively common (for a lodge merged over 30 years ago) at local TOR’s.

In the last 20+ years that I have been actively collecting NY Issues, I’ve never seen one with a brown/khaki background. It may be the result of repeated bleaching/washings which effected the twill but not the threads. Anyone else ever seen one like this?

Mide Oddity


Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159 2006 NOAC Issues

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Days.

I had a report from Don Izard, that Lodge 159 will be issuing several issues for NOAC.

“there was was BLACK and white poor quality copyof the REAL 159 NOAC stuff that came in the OA newsletter on Saturday. Looks like there will be a two piece pocket set and what could be a 5 piece jacket set . . a round center piece then 4 semi-pie sections . . .

I can not find anything on the GNFC website.”

I’ve separately heard that there will likely be a delegate version of the 2-piece set as well.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

[phpbay]Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee #159, 5[/phpbay]


Skanondo Lodge 64 Error Flap

I received an email recently asking my opinion on the top flap listed below.  It appears to be the Skanondo Lodge S2 (lower flap), but is missing the deer tracks.

Skanondo S2 Error

I’ve never seen one (missing tracks) before and Skanondo Lodge used to be in my section years ago (1970’s and 1980’s).

It could be a needle break, where the needle on the embroidery breaks so part of the design is not stitched (similar to a thread break, where the spool of thread runs out, but needle marks may still be visible on a mint specimen).

It is most likely just a mis-sewn patch, as the hindquarter of the deer seems to be incompletely sewn as well.

This is also a used flap, where even any marks from made by a needle may no longer be visible after repeated washings.

Another reason is the S1 version (vertical backgound) has the deer tracks (as does the S2), it is less likely (though possible) that the Lodge would have issued one with tracks than one without then return to the tracks.

Anyone ever seen one of these? Do you have one in your collection?


Lodge#402 Onteroraus 2006 NOAC Set

Updated 5-1-07 for Blue Book Issue

Don Tuttle, webmaster of an excellent website for Lodge 402 brings word of a new NOAC set for Lodge 402.

2006 NOAC Set Onteroraus Lodge 402

S 45 GMY R M/C M/C – Name RED outlinrd GMY, RED WWW, Arrow Left w/X10
X 8 GMY R M/C – M/C FDL RED outlined GMY RED Otschodela 393 NOAC 2006 Mich. W/S45

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Correction to Blue Book Listing
Haudenosaunee Lodge #19 Sislija Chapter F1

Dave Scocca notes an error in the Blue Book Listings:

“I’m working on checking my lodge 75th anniversary collection against the BB5 listing (as per and found an inconsistency.

The BB listing has Haudenosaunee Lodge #19’s Sisilija Chapter having a single flap issue, listed as F1. I have the pictured flap, and it’s undeniably a solid.

Should that simply be listed as the S1?”

Dave is correct as you see from the image below, the flap should be listed as the S1. Unfortunately BB VI is closed for edits, so this correction will have to wait for BB VII.

19 Sisilija Chapter S1

ClothTalk #5

Another issue of Cloth talk is available. This weeks subject concentrates on eBay and its effect on the hobby.

ClothTalk 005 – eBay

Ben and Tim as explore in depth ‘the power of ebay.’
This week’s newbie tip: ebay for the beginning trader.

Ken Castille, talks about the S1 S2 and S3 of Achafalaya Lodge 563. Ken is a former Lodge Chief of Lodge 563 from 1971-1972.

Our guest, Jason Spangler, former Lodge Chief of Santee Lodge and section Chief of the Dixie Fellowship talks about his site and ebay how many collectors are treating ebay happenings as news. Are prices going up or down? What about the custom made private issues? What’s Jason’s favorite patch and which one does he wish he had?