Ktemaque #15 Blue Book listing amended YS2 to S9.5

Recently received confirmation that the issue presviously issued as the YS2 is actually an award given out by the current lodge chief each year for service to the lodge. Based on the timing of its first use, we will list it as the S9.5

BB Stats:

S9.5 BLU R M/C RED RED FDL; Chiefs award formerly listed as YS2 Posted by Picasa


Lodge #86 Nacha Nimat prototype uncovered YS3

George Jennings brings word of a new discovery from lodge#86 Nacha Nimat. The flap pictured on the left is a prototype design of the S17 (B in the scan). It’s likely designation is the YS3. Apparently there was a change in professionel staff between the initial design and the actual order where the sides were shortened by 1cm (10mm) the font for the Lodge name was also increase by 2mm (from 6mm in the prototype to 8mm in the S17).

Posted by Picasa

The BB style stas should be:

S17 GMY R BLK WHT DGR FDL; WHT WWW NOAC 2004 Delegate No “Sponsor” 63mmX125mm Letters in Lodge name 8mm tall w/X5.

YS3 GMY R BLK WHT DGR FDL; WHT WWW NOAC 2004 Delegate No “Sponsor” 75mmX125mm Letters in Lodge name 6mm tall Prototype

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