Buckskin Lodge #412 unlisted chapter event patch Matinecock eR1990

Jonathan Groves sends along information on a previously uncatalogued 412 chapter event patch.

412 Matinecock Chapter eR1990

He also writes:

“FWIW, there must be a number of these undiscovered for other years. The now defunct Matinecock Chapter website stated that the Chapter  was re-named in 1984 (after its creation in 1982 [name not given]),
and the chapter hosted the Klondike for the “past 11 years” [circa 1997].  It also had a list of past chapter chiefs – none of which is documented
on the current Lodge 412 site, or Bill Cotter’s excellent resource.”

I’d be interested in trading for this issue and any other ‘uncatalogued’ chapter or event issues from 412.

BB Stats:
Matinecock eR1990 RED R LBL YEL YEL FDL, Klondike WWW BRN 1990


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